3 Benefits You Won’t Get From Email Brand Marketing

3 Benefits You Won’t Get From Email Brand Marketing

3 Benefits You Won’t Get From Email Brand Marketing

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Home Page > Internet > 3 Benefits You Won’t Get From Email Brand Marketing

3 Benefits You Won’t Get From Email Brand Marketing

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Posted: Dec 17, 2010 |Comments: 0


This kind of marketing is supposed to make the life of the business owner easier by bringing them more sales as the messages should be more likely to be opened and read by potential customers.

Email brand marketing is basically using someone else’s good name to get your sales. So you will liaise with other businesses that have successfully marketed a similar product and use their contacts. Since these customers are already receiving an email publication from this vendor they will receive yours at the same time under the name of the already trusted company.

The truth is people will still not automatically gravitate towards your product because they see it advertised with a product that you already like and trust. They may not even open these emails even if they are subscribed to it. I have subscriptions that I don’t open, I don’t spam them, but from the subject line I will know whether I want to read it or not. So email brand marketing won’t necessarily get your email opened.

What you can do to get your product out there is use text messaging. Look around as you go about your daily chores. Do you see the amount of people texting, oblivious to things that are happening around them? You can take advantage of this and reap benefits like;

1. Reaching a larger target audience quicker

2. Running a successful marketing campaign with minimal finances (at least it will be cheaper than email brand marketing)

3. No additional staff, no sitting in front of the computer for hours – no hassle.

4. Provides you with residual income by locking in on your customers and keeping them with your company for years to come.

Forget about email brand marketing, use a text marketing campaign instead.

To find out more information about text marketing and how you can capitalize on it; Visit http://The-new-email-advertising.com And Grab the FREE eBook: The death of email marketing. The details will amaze you. Also, enjoy this article about Email brand marketing

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3 benefits you wont get from email brand marketing

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