Chicago Search Engine Marketing

Chicago Search Engine Marketing

I can only imagine the turmoil in schools granting people degrees in marketing. How can a school keep up when the rules change every 6-12 months. This article is going to talk about Search Engine Marketing.

Even if you do not recognize the term you are familiar with the concept. The biggest player in search engine marketing has become a fixture in American vocabulary. When you need an answer or need to find something, you “Google” it. Search Engine Marketing is really the replacement for historical forms of marketing like the Yellow Pages. Our society demands information immediately and will not wait until they can track down a printed volume in order to get the information they require. Businesses are being forced to adapt to this trend and work to provide their message to the major search engines or risk being left behind.

Search engines simply attempt to provide their users with the information they request. For the most part they seek to provide the most relevant information available. Some claim to help you make decisions, but it really boils down to interpreting the request from the user and providing them with the best information that can be found related to the topic of the request.

This means that the search engines must aggregate huge amounts of information and organize it exceedingly well. In the process they define how best a business can make its information available to the largest body of potential users possible. Consultants who provide Chicago search engine marketing services must understand and know how to help the search engines understand what a business’ website is relevant to and how to make it easy for the search engine to connect it with prospective buyers.

The algorithms are complex but the principals are simple.

Search Engine Marketing is nothing more than working to sell products by making use of the trends in society. Recent statistics suggest that 90% or more of Americans search first on the internet when seeking a product or service. Almost 100% of these searches are conducted on Google, Bing or Yahoo. A business that ignores these search engines and their power is sacrificing a huge portion of their potential customers to their competitors who are engaging in search engine marketing.

There are three basic ways to take advantage of SEM. First, you can pay the search engine to present an advertisement to a user who is searching for something related to your product or service. This is referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC. In many cases this is the fastest route to new traffic to your website. Second, each of the major search engines allows local businesses to be listed and shown to interested parties. You are probably familiar with seeing a map show up when you do a search with “stick pins” showing where businesses matching your search are located. Third, a business can engage in search engine optimization or SEO to inform the search engines of what their site and content is relevant to in order to have the search engine list your site as a match to its users requests.

So, in a nutshell, Chicago Search Engine Marketing refers to changing our marketing efforts to take advantage of the great power exhibited by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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