Free Internet Advertising Can Drive Amazing Amounts of Traffic to Your Website

Free Internet Advertising Can Drive Amazing Amounts of Traffic to Your Website

If you have a business with a website or you just simply have a website you want to drive traffic to there is a lot of things you can do for free that can drive large amounts of traffic to your website. If you have a business website of any kind getting more people to your website is usually beneficial to you but it is only beneficial if you are making money from getting more visitors to your website. It would be a good idea to focus on monetizing your website before getting traffic to your website. Monetizing your website is essentially just turning your website into cash, literally. If you have traffic or you don’t have traffic you want to have a plan of how you are going to make money from a website and then you can put forward the effort and the work into getting the traffic to your website. After having a plan to monetize your site you are going to execute your marketing plan to get free traffic to your website. There are two ways to get free traffic to your website; free advertising and/or from search engines. I am going to discuss how you can monetize and optimize your website for search engines for free and then how you can drive large amounts of free traffic to your website.

Monetizing and Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines For Free

So you have a website with some content and you want to find out how you can make money from the little traffic you already have? Great, well I want to talk to you about getting more traffic and making more money from that traffic. There are two ways you can make money from your website; selling products and services or generating advertising revenue. When thinking about making money from your website you have a couple choices to make; if you are going to be selling products are you going to sell physical products or are you going to sell affiliate products and make a commission? If you are focusing on generating advertising revenue are you going to actually sell each space or are you going to publish pay-per-click ads and get paid for every click?

If you want to start making money today then I would suggest you do affiliate marketing when selling products on your website because you don’t have to worry about making the product, packaging the product and shipping the product, let somebody else worry about that so that you can focus on marketing the product. I personally think that there is a success model in utilizing affiliate marketing to sell products, publishing pay-per-click ads and selling advertising space to generate a passive residual income from your website. Securing how you plan to make money from your website and then optimizing it for the search engines is a great way to market your website. Where do people go when they are looking for information on the internet? People go to search engines to look for information and if your website is listed within the top ten for the relevant information that they are searching for then that is more than likely going to end up in free traffic to your website. It is and can be extremely profitable to optimize your website for the search engines. What I am about to talk about is my blueprint to taking advantage 100% free traffic to your website.

Utilizing Affiliate Marketing To Sell Products From Your Website

When choosing affiliates to sell products from your website it would make sense to stick to affiliates within your niche. Your niche is the main category your website would fall under and using affiliates that are relevant to that niche is an important factor in targeting your traffic to your affiliate products. So knowing what niche is important and this will also help you greatly when you optimize your website for search engines.

When you join affiliate programs they give you your own affiliate website and access to all their promotional tools you can use to promote this business. You can take their banners and their text ads and utilize them to get traffic to your affiliates. By placing your banner ads within your content so that it merely looks like an ad and you will generate clicks going through those banners to your affiliate pages. The affiliate program has already tried and tested these pages they are already set up with the best sales copy made to convert their visitors into sales. Because these affiliate programs have already done this then it is our job to market these affiliates to targeted visitors who would be looking to buy these products and services our affiliates are offering. When the visitors are targeted it means that they are already interested in information relative to the affiliates and it is safe to assume that once they are on your website and they are interested in the information on your website then they are targeted enough for our affiliates. Using this method correctly will drive lots of targeted traffic to your affiliates that way you can earn a lot of money in commissions when you make sales.

Generating Advertising Revenue From Your Website

You have a website and now you want to earn money from generating advertising revenue? It really isn’t that hard to do that, infact you can almost automate the entire process. First I am going to start by telling you about publishing pay-per-click ads on your website and then I will tell you how you can sell ad space aswell and even ahead of time. Google is one of the leaders in PPC ad publishing and PPC advertising with the use of their AdSense program and their Adwords program. Advertisers interested in advertising with Google’s Adwords program have the option of bidding on keywords and running ads on Google’s search engine or running ads for content, which is advertising within the Google AdSense progam. People like us are the ones with the website now who publish ads from Google’s Adsense and generate money from a percentage of what advertisers with Google are bidding for their keywords. Google isn’t the only company that does this; you also have Yahoo who has now started publishing ads and Bivertiser as well. When you publish these network ads and get clicks from them you can really earn a decent pay check every month from the clicks you generate if you place the ad strips within your content. This allows you to get paid for every click to your ads and you don’t have to worry about them buying anything or not, so this allows you to generate a sizeable revenue.

You can also sell advertising space on your website and you don’t even have to be responsible for actually selling each space. Many internet marketers don’t speak about this and it truly is a great way to generate revenue from your website. You can join networks such as AdBrite and Adster that will sell your ads for you and all you have to do is publish their ad strips and they will track your traffic to your website and the ad strips impressions and display this to their network of advertisers. Advertisers can choose to purchase this space at the price that you set and then your earnings are set directly to you when space is sold. You can even sell space ahead of time and collect cash in hand from today. Imagine advertisers fighting for space on your website at the price you set. This is an incredible way to earn money online. It is also a great utility because even before you have sold the space the networks usually run PPC ads until the space is sold so you can start off by earning money per click on these ads.

Search Engine Optimization Tactics

You already know the niche that your website is catering to so it is now time for you to focus on optimizing you website for the best keywords in that niche. You find out what the best keywords are by doing keyword research with some form of keyword tool. You can get access to keyword tools from many different places but I suggest using Google’s keyword tool. Google gives you information about their search engine’s findings and ever since July 2008 they have been giving detailed information about each keyword searched within their search engine by displaying their figures instead of an approximation. You want to find keywords that are high in demand, meaning that they have been searched for a lot every month on average and you also want to find keywords that are low in supply, meaning that the websites going for those keywords aren’t too competitive. When you find keywords like these they are extremely useful to building your awareness on the search engines. You want to take note of about 5 main category keywords and 25 sub-category keyword phrases. When you have those keywords at hand you are going to always use those keywords when writing content for your website and optimizing your website. There are two types of search engine optimization; one-site optimization and off-site optimization. When optimizing your website you need to know focus on both of them so that you ensure your website is optimized properly.

On-site optimization refers to optimizing everything that is actually on your website. You want to use some of your main keywords within your website’s titles and description. You want to utilize all your keywords, your main keywords and your sub-category keyword phrases within all your content, like articles, videos and posts. Search engines are going to know your website is relevant for the keywords you chose because those keywords are spread out throughout your content.

Off-site optimization pertains to everything that is done away from your website that goes towards optimizing your website. Off-site optimization refers to building link popularity. Link popularity is important because search engines like Google use your link popularity to define how relative your website is to your niche and which websites you are linked to within that niche. The more relative the

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“Anyone here in advertising?….Kill yourself….no seriously kill yourself”

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There’s always going to be new and different media coming along but not at the expense of all the others. If you want to grow a business or turn it into a franchise perhaps (in the real world not online) do you think you can do it through the web alone? One example will do

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Google’s website index just topped 1,000,000,000,000 URL’s (yes that’s right; one trillion!)
New media is going to play out like all the other media… It’s an ‘and’ not an ‘or’. No world wide brand has been built by web banners and web alone. More often that not if it’s good enough to get the attention of ‘TV or Newspaper’ news that will attract more hits. So therefore ‘PR’ and ‘Mainstream media’.
Too much for people’s brains to handle.

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As long as family time exists Television will exist. I don’t see many families hanging on the net together.
Or if you prefer… TV will be dead when the couch is dead. Media Consumption is currently at 60 hours a week, in 2020 it is predicted to go up to 90 hours a week. There will just be more consumption of media.
Youtube bandwidth today is that of the entire web in 2000. (Try posting your ad on youtube and hoping it get’s reach!

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I hate advertising… especially internet advertising… it’s pollution and it has NEVER made me buy anything both on tv and on the net. I would like them to publish a study into just how much all this foul crap helps them because I wonder if it’s worth ramming this shit down our throats.

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Articulate, clear and concise. Traditional media is dying and in many cases they have no idea how fast the process is accelerating.

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