How 3% of Entrepreneurs Make Money Online The Easy Way

How 3% of Entrepreneurs Make Money Online The Easy Way

How 3% of Entrepreneurs Make Money Online The Easy Way

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Home Page > Business > Business Opportunities > How 3% of Entrepreneurs Make Money Online The Easy Way

How 3% of Entrepreneurs Make Money Online The Easy Way

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Posted: Sep 07, 2010 |Comments: 0




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How 3% of Entrepreneurs Make Money Online The Easy Way

By: Ben Semommung

About the Author


Ben Semommung is a professional social worker, a network marketer, a writer and motivational speaker. His life purpose is to inspire and empower people from all walks of life to develop their full potential.

He has been involved in network marketing since 2004 and is one of the promising internet marketing geniuses online today who actually ‘walks the talk’. Ben is the owner and CEO of Dauphin Holdings (Pty) Ltd. His hobbies include reading, writing and surfing the net. He would like to meet new friends online and start networking. 

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Article Source: – How 3% of Entrepreneurs Make Money Online The Easy Way

Do you want to make money online or are you one of the 97% of the internet marketers who are struggling to make ends meet through internet marketing? Read on to learn more about the gurus who are able to make it safely online with little effort…

In this article, I am going to share with you the exact system that I have been using systematically after conducting my own research and replicating what successful internet marketing leaders have been doing to raking in truck loads of cash day in and day out. I have been able to follow their steps systematically to create a full time income online and hope that this could also help you avoid a lot of the glitches that I encountered during the early years of my encounter with internet marketing. It was indeed a trial and error sort of game before I could figure it all out!

Eleven Key Steps Used To Make Money Online

There is a formula for making money online that can be followed by any serious internet marketer. By following this formula you can be able  to achieve the same results that have been achieved by others before you. When properly followed, this formula can help you achieve your goals without any hassles. This is why some people have become millionaires making money online. You too can follow this formula for making money online and be able to reach astounding success. Here are the eleven key steps that 3% of the internet marketing leaders follow to make money online:

Your reason “why?” should be Big enough
Set realistic goals with an accompany implementable plan
Engage in daily visualization and meditation on your goals
Focus on your online marketing education.
Use a solid marketing system
Sell yourself with unwavering confidence
Spend time on your internet marketing business.
Focus on income producing activities in your business
Make a list of your accomplishments
Strengthen your personal belief
Take care of yourself physically

 Step 1 – Your Reason “Why?” Should Be Big Enough

Your reason “why” should be big enough; in other words the reason why you want to make money online should drive you emotionally to achieve your set goals. You should be able to endure the pain that goes with it but maintain a “till death do us part” mentality; you should not quit the game half way through. Some of your reasons “why” may be to, among other things:

Spend more quality time with your loved ones.
Be financially free and to help others achieve their destiny in life.
Travel the world to discover beauty and enjoy life with your family.
Fire your boss and to become your own boss, determining the number of hours you want to work on your internet business.

 Step 2 – Set realistic goals with an accompany implementable plan

A goal without action is not a goal; it requires a realistic plan and some form of action. Without a plan your goal is just a wish. Henceforth, you need to be realistic about the time lines in your work plan. At the risk of sounding cliché, this online business is a marathon and not a sprint. So remember to pace yourself and set realistic goals so that you can achieve them. Trying something for one month and then throwing in the towel should not cross your mind. There is an adage that says, “Success rewards those who stay the course!”

Step 3 – Engage Daily Visualization and Meditation on your goals

Visualize a picture of your family together happily enjoying dinner at the table. Emotionalize it and see it happening. Visualize and mediate on your goals morning and evening. Live in a state of abundance at all times and your reality will come pass.

Step 4 – Focus on your online marketing education

You need to focus on developing yourself through lifelong learning and build a foundation for making money online. Without this solid foundation, your internet marketing business will crumble more quickly than you could imagine. Learn the nuts and bolts of the internet marketing business on your way to success. In addition, you will make more money online with these skills than anything else in this business.

Step 5 – Use a Solid Marketing System

You need to identify a solid marketing system that is more affordable and will save you time. It should also a platform to teach you the ins and outs of running an internet marketing business.

Step 6- Sell Yourself with Unwavering Confidence

See yourself as a leader in this online business and express those qualities at all times. People follow renowned leaders and therefore you need to portray those leadership qualities.  People follow leaders and not what they are selling. It’s not about your product what matters nor your service but it is about you as a leader. It’s also about your “why”. Tell people why you do what you are doing and they will be interested to join you or you will be able to convert your leads. It’s about how you relate to your customers and their perceptions about you that matters most.

In order to defeat your competitors in internet marketing you need to know yourself. Know your abilities which include your weaknesses and strengths. Figure out what you need to do to be ahead of your competitors in your online business. In other words, don’ sell yourself short! Sell yourself instead of selling the business opportunity. You need to “walk the talk” so that your customers could love and emulate you.

Step 7 – Spend Time on Your Business

Treat your internet marketing business like a real business instead of a hobby. Get committed and consider your online business your priority #1 in life. If you treat your online business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. You should remember that execution is all about everything. You have what it takes to act, act and act!

Step 8 – Focus on Income Producing Activities in Your Business

Do the things that make you money such as placing ads, making those calls and follow-ups to your leads instead of reading e-mails all day long. You need to be consistent with this in order to get your desired results.

Step 9 – Make a List of Your Accomplishments

What have you achieved that is worthwhile? Think about all the positive accomplishments that you have achieved over the years. Get in the habit of counting your successes on internet marketing so that you could boost your motivation and perseverance. Like attracts like; if you write down your accomplishments you’re likely to achieve more positive things in your online business.

Step 10 – Strengthen Your Personal Belief

Everything is possible if you have the confidence to persevere. Have faith that you will make money online and the results will be astounding! You need to build a sense of confidence, an upright posture and willingness to play a leadership role in your online business. This will take you to another level. You need to believe that you already have what you want before it really happens. Have the belief that you already have everything you need to be successful in making

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