Making Money From Blogging-3 Ways to Earn Money Quick

Making Money From Blogging-3 Ways to Earn Money Quick

Making money from blogging is the goal of many would  be online entrepreneurs.
And it is an achievable goal if you follow some well accepted rules.

Way 1-Sell Banner advertising on your blog.
This can be very lucrative as it cuts out the middleman and allows you to target in a laser like fashion those advertisers who would benefit most from the visitors to your site.
And targeting local businesses based on geography and demographics can allow you, the relatively small operator, to provide great value for local advertisers.

Way 2-Sell Affiliate Products
Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry and provides a good income for those who are successful at it.
There are 2 routes you can take to promoting your blog and the products that you are traffic generation through pay per click advertising or you can go the free route.
The latter involves writing articles and distributing them widely on great article directories which get huge volumes of traffic. This brings visitors to your blog and visitors means sales.
If you write good content you will also find your articles being published by other blog owners on their blogs and provided that they leave your links intact, this can bring another flood of visitors to your blog.

Way 3-Small Surveys and Polls
There are web businesses which will pay you to carry out surveys and polls on your blog. One of the top businesses for this is VizuAnswers. Check it out on the internet.

So as you can see making money from blogging is very achievable and is limited only by your willingness to learn the tools of the trade and to put in the hours of work in the early stages building your web presence.

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