Mobile Marketing: Advantages

Mobile Marketing: Advantages

With the measurable, direct and interactive features, mobile marketing provides a wide opportunity and is fast emerging as the choicest marketing channel of all kinds of business organizations. Mobile marketing is one of the most personalized and interactive marketing tools, which has a strong and immediate effect. Integration of mobile technology with the present communication campaigns, help businesses facilitates their customers to avail advantage of unique offers, mobile coupons and obtain alerts about various events.

The mobile marketing strategy permits the advertisers to send personalized and custom made multimedia campaigns to their target audience allowing customers to revert back directly. The following attractive features of mobile marketing via SMS are enlisted beneath:

1.Communication can be made anywhere and at anytime
2.Communication is direct and the results come immediately
4.Mobile marketing has huge prospect of viral marketing as customers have a tendency of forwarding   messages
5.Easy integration into cross- media, which includes print, TV and radio.

Mobile marketing is the only way in which the businesses can reach the customers “24 hours a day and seven days a week.” Mobiles have actually changed the pattern of communication. The businesses can be available to the customers anywhere and anytime. That makes it easier for the advertisers to reach the target audience within no time.

Context and proximity are the two most essential factors for the success of mobile marketing. Moreover Bulk mobile marketing is always considered to be one of the best ways of promotion and advertisement since the emergence of the mobiles. At one go, several customers can be contacted through SMS marketing.

The process of mobile marketing is not only cost effective; it is time saving as well. The advertiser doesn’t require sending separate messages to the customers. The bulk messaging techniques have made it easier to contact a larger target audience within the least amount of time.

The different categories of mobile marketing have been framed keeping in mind the requirements and budget of the different kinds of businesses. The brand managers also play a crucial role in selecting the correct method of marketing. The marketing strategy is chalked out based on the requirement of the advertiser.

Whether marketing will be done via SMS, text messaging or Bluetooth depends on the decision of the brand managers and the advertisers. Mobile marketing fetches very huge revenue and the cost of implementation is quite affordable. Thus businesses today are taking more interest in marketing their service or products through mobiles.

Narender Pati is a well respected writer and the leading provider of highly successful and a lauded mobile marketing company , providing solutions to major consumer brands and media companies.

Article from CHAMBER OF COMMERCE “FIRST IMPRESSION” David was invited to a Chamber of Commerce mixer (being held for about 450 Business Members) to demonstrate how “Text Marketing” can help any business be more efficient (Communicate Better) and help them reduce their expenses. When David was invited to go on stage… to do his technology presentation, he introduced himself and told the audience that he noticed a lot of “old school” paper business cards being passed around the room. As he held up his Cell Phone… high in the air (so they could see he wasn’t typing anything), he told the audience he was about to make his “Green” Digital Business Card JUMP from my Cell Phone – to all 450 of their Cell Phones – within five seconds. The room got very quite… He gave these simple instructions 1. Get out your Cell Phones (It was like 450 cowboys reaching for their guns!) 2. Type: code ##### 3. Menu: Send Text to code ##### 4. Type: Code Ex: ABC 3. Hit the SEND button The Amazing Part Is… Within 10 seconds, 450 “dings” could be heard all over the room as his customized “Text Message” was automatically delivered! He Told The Audience… “Now that you all have my business card details on your Cell Phones, feel free to contact me so I can help you make your “Digital Business Card” JUMP from your Cell Phone to your prospects (or customers) Cell Phone – so they could automatically stay in touch with them.” His presentation (demo) was over in 30 seconds – He heard “WOWS” all

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