Mobile Marketing and Sports Results for Universities

Mobile Marketing and Sports Results for Universities

Mobile Marketing and Sports Results for Universities

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Home Page > Marketing > Marketing Tips > Mobile Marketing and Sports Results for Universities

Mobile Marketing and Sports Results for Universities

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Posted: Oct 27, 2010 |Comments: 0



The introduction of mobile marketing has changed the way people do business today. As people carry cell phones with them at almost all times of the day, they are always within the reach of marketers, and mobile advertising companies are making the best use of mobile technology to reach their potential customers.

A recent study revealed that 97% of the college students in the United States carry a cell phone with them at almost all times, and to them text messaging is a natural and the best method of communication. Mobile marketing companies specifically target college students because these students are very comfortable with the technology, keep themselves updated with the technological happenings and rely heavily on mobile communication. For them a cell phone can be used for almost everything, from checking university sports results to getting movie tickets and so much more.

Today, almost every university in the U.S. has adopted mobile marketing. Students can type in the university keyword and send it to a short code to assess campus maps, read the university news, see grades, interact with teachers and also locate the campus shuttle.

If a particular university is participating in a sports event, then they can create a buzz about their home games by sending bulk SMS to their alumni and fans. They can conduct some text message sweepstakes where fans and alumni text a keyword to a particular short code and qualify for winning free tickets to future home games. This particular strategy was once adopted by Illinois State University and the mobile marketing campaign was a great hit with the audience. The drive encouraged the university so much that have now decided to expand their mobile marketing strategy through out the campus to reach students, alumni, professors and fans.

Text message marketing makes a lot of sense for university students. Some of the other benefits of mobile marketing to universities are:

Students can access notes, reading materials and other crucial learning tools. This is especially critical when a student falls sick and can’t attend classes.
Students who are off-campus can be informed about class cancellations.
Offering new students the chance to enroll for school updates.
Sending sports results to fans and alumni.
Sending mobile coupons to sports fans and regular ticket holders offering concessions at games.
Send bulk SMS to fans and alumni reminding them of upcoming sporting events.
Conduct text message voting campaigns that allow fans to vote for their favorite team and get a chance to win prizes.

Mobile marketing is a great tool to promote the sporting events of your university and gather an audience. So go for mobile marketing and create a buzz about your games.

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Anthony Wayne -
About the Author:

Anthony Wayne is a consultant for . He is also an expert on fan text alerts and mobile marketing.


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Hi Sam, I, along with two partners, started up a sports gaming information website that we launched last September. Now we are expanding a bit but not enough to pay for marketing. Any other solutions?

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