Mobile Marketing Services for less ? WASP MOBILE,LLC Contact us for free Mobile Campaign Analysis

Mobile Marketing Services for less ? WASP MOBILE,LLC Contact us for free Mobile Campaign Analysis

In today’s economy it comes as no shock that businesses of all sizes are seeking new, innovative, and affordable marketing channels to keep their brands afloat.  Brands seeking new ways to market and reach their target audience with little overhead and tremendous value are looking at various mobile marketing services.

In 2008 a new wave of direct marketing through mobile marketing services emerged called as mobile phone marketing. Although many opinions that it was a fad, others have seen incredible results through mobile marketing services campaigns.  International brands like McDonalds and Coca-Cola successfully used mobile campaigns through different segments in different regions.

In 2009, you don’t have to be an international brand or even national brand to take advantage of mobile services. Small mom and pop businesses and local chain stores are able to enter a new marketing channel medium that delivers the message directly to a target market, thanks to companies like WASP Mobile, LLC(  By utilizing consumer cell phones, businesses of all kinds are now able to use SMS text messages to send different types of content to customers—a coupon, promotional offer or any other marketing message.With easy to deploy and scalable text message campaign packages, WASP makes achieving incredible results through the “third-screen” affordable, easy and measurable  marketing techniques through mobile marketing services. There are numerous benefits of including mobile marketing in your overall marketing strategy. WASP understands that mobile marketing may be a new channel for you, that’s why we keep on top of today’s hottest and most effective mobile trends, to provide you with the opportunity to seamlessly enter the mobile advertising world and capture your target market anywhere they are, at any time!

Deepthi Raju is a SEO specialist at WASP MOBILE,LLC

Mobile is now finally beginning to deliver on its promise to advertisers. The mobile marketing industry has long predicted the arrival of broadband mobile internet and rich multimedia phones in mass, and we are now seeing consumers understanding, interest and use of these technologies deepening daily. In this video we examine what exactly is Mobile Marketing, how did it start, the current mobile marketing landscape, mobile strategy concepts, tactical solutions & typical results organizations may expect from their mobile campaigns.

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