Pocket PC Group SMS Software

Pocket PC Group SMS Software

Pocket PC Group SMS Software

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Pocket PC Group SMS Software

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Posted: Apr 14, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Text messages marketing software facilitate user to create SMS in both English and Unicode character and send them to various national or international mobile user from Pocket PC and PDA. SMS broadcasting application transmit various jobs notification, news, greeting card etc from any branded windows based mobile devices. Software distributes unlimited messages without having internet connection to single or selected group of cell phone users.


SMS sender software provide secure, fast and reliable text messages transmission program which allow user to broadcast unlimited number of SMS from any Pocket PC, PDA, Smart phone and other similar windows mobile devices. Mass messaging application facilitate to create and send Unicode character supported messages and distribute them to single or group of users as per the requirement. Software is helpful to send various jobs alert notifications, product promotion messages, business meeting schedule, share market news, seasonal greeting and other personalized messages without having any internet connection of SMS gateway. Pocket PC bulk SMS sender application allow user to insert sender number manually or import from saved text file and provide inbuilt step by step messages sending procedure help option for user assistance. SMS broadcasting software is compatible with all manufacture of smart phone or handheld pocket pc devices that includes Anextek SP230, Asus P525 Pocket PC Phone, Audiovox SMT5600, Audiovox PPC 5050, Carrier Devices i-Mate Smart Phone, Dopod Str Trk S300, E-Ten p300B Pocket PC Phone, Gigabyte gSmart, GSMK Cryptophone, Hitachi pocket pc phone, HP iPAQ hw6515 and other similar devices. Pocket PC to Mobile text messaging software features: * Does not require additional hardware, software or internet connection to send messages. * Instantly distribute unlimited number of text message to group of users. * Support all manufactures and brands of Pocket PC and windows mobile devices. * Facilitate to keep in touch with your employees and friends. * Save sent SMS history with date, time and sender number. * Securely distribute Unicode character supported text messages to any existing user. * GUI based application provide inbuilt systematic help manual. * User can send various job alerts, meeting schedule, greeting card and other personalized text messages.






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What is the best program/software that will intercept text messages, record in and outbound numbers and does not have to physically be installed on the target phone but can be installed remotely
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