Prove SEO value with data, research and numbers Part 1

Prove SEO value with data, research and numbers Part 1

Prove SEO value with data, research and numbers Part 1

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Home Page > Internet > SEO > Prove SEO value with data, research and numbers Part 1

Prove SEO value with data, research and numbers Part 1

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Posted: Sep 17, 2010 |Comments: 0


Measuring success is search engine optimization is important because seeing is believing. You must understand that SEO is a quantitative terms and till the time the results are not measured or visualized, all your efforts will be worthless. If you can’t provide data in the form of report which proves the value of your SEO, then it is just the waste of time and money along with making fool of your ownselves. Ideally you should undertake measurement of each and every aspect of SEO including

* Indexation Measurement

* Backlink Measurement

* Rankings Measurement

* Traffic and Revenue Measurement

Showing hard facts can attract many eyes and this will prove beneficial for your business. Get going with measuring your SEO success with the following points and this will help you know your business better. You will also come to know whether your business is going in the direction you want or not.

* Proving the value – If you ever come across a situation where you are asked to prove your SEO value, then you know how to do it. The SEO campaign launched by you has to be measurable right from its inception stage because without the data and the metrics, it will not lead to the desired results. Remember, a lot of research and analysis goes into proving the success of your SEO and to back your case well, focus on opportunity analysis, costs, issues and the risks involved. Do your own research on the topic and leverage data from keyword research tools and articles as per your requirement. Consider all the angles while preparing a report on the analysis and the data, proving the worth of your SEO. In reviewing the performance of your search engine marketing campaign; ask certain questions to yourself like does my content provide the information users seek? Are expected keyword terms missing from the final list? If you are trying to prove that certain strategy went wrong, then it is important to support your statement with relevant data and figures.

* Highlight your wins – It is important for you to highlight the areas where you have achieved exceptionally well because it will let others know about your positive points. Constantly talk about your achievements to make sure that you know what you are analyzing and the goals which you wish to achieve. Identify number of pages indexed, unique visitors, page views, time spent on site and bounce rate to know where you stand in terms of SEO. Through periodic mails and announcements at staff meetings, you can send this data across the organization which will help you achieve the overall goals of your business.

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