Reasons to Partner with an Online Marketing Company

Reasons to Partner with an Online Marketing Company

Reasons to Partner with an Online Marketing Company

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Reasons to Partner with an Online Marketing Company

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Posted: Jan 23, 2011 |Comments: 0


An online marketing company can be a beneficial partner to bring onboard. Turning over marketing duties to professionals can improve productivity and increase sales. When marketing duties are handed over to unqualified employees they struggle to create profitable ad campaigns because they have not received adequate training.

It’s a good idea to hire an online marketing company that embraces traditional methods and a variety of online marketing strategies. Competition is stiff in the online world. To stay on top requires embracing a variety of advertising mediums. Those who can’t manage multiple campaigns will quickly be left behind.

Even those proficient in multi-tasking will find it next to impossible to capitalize on all Internet marketing opportunities without help from staff members. Hiring a dedicated marketing team is usually cost-prohibitive for small business entities. The solution rests with hiring an ad agency that can work within your budget while providing effective marketing solutions.

Companies are often overwhelmed by the magnitude of tasks required to succeed online. In addition to having a search engine optimized website or blog, they also need to incorporate online videos, audio podcasts, article marketing, mobile marketing and social media.

Websites and blogs are the foundation for the majority of online marketing strategies. Obtaining top ranking requires substantial work. Websites need to capture viewers within a matter of seconds; otherwise they will be gone forever. However, in order for visitors to find websites, content must be optimized so that search engines know what is offered and can index the site in their directory.

Internet searches are calculated using algorithms. Having websites properly coded and filled with keyword-rich content is only one aspect of having websites indexed. Other factors include obtaining quality backlinks to the website. This is accomplished by implementing online strategies such as those mentioned above.

Article marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build quality inbound links. This strategy involves publishing search engine optimized content at various article directories. Businesses often overlook article marketing because it requires considerable work. However, this strategy is highly effective in driving targeted traffic and improving search engine rankings.

To overcome time constraints, many business owners hire freelance writers skilled in SEO and LSI techniques. As long as writers are proficient in writing for the Web their articles can easily generate sufficient return on investment to cover writing costs.

Online video marketing can be an affordable way to share marketing messages with the masses. Video marketing provides an excellent venue for building brand awareness and developing customer relationships.

To succeed with video marketing requires conducting market research and adhering to specific protocol. The first thing companies need to do is determine how their target market views videos. While many people use laptop and desktop computers, the trend is turning toward accessing the Web via cell phones and handheld devices. If marketing videos are not easily viewed on cell phones, companies will lose prospective clients.

Social media is an extraordinary advertising venue with unlimited potential. Numerous options exist for sharing marketing messages. Some of the more popular include creating Facebook fan pages, using Twitter, sharing through social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg, and through social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Ryze.

Learning how to incorporate each of these marketing strategies can be a fulltime job. Instead of trying to become proficient with all strategies, consider partnering with an online marketing company to manage all or part of your marketing projects.

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Internet marketing can be a daunting task. At Online Marketing DNA we help companies develop and implement strategies best suited for their needs. We are a full-service online marketing company with a track record of success. We’d like to help you reach your goals and encourage you to visit us today at


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