Shoe Tea: Chinese Shoe Nearly 40 Million Ipo Financing

Shoe Tea: Chinese Shoe Nearly 40 Million Ipo Financing

Shoe Tea: Chinese Shoe Nearly 40 Million Ipo Financing

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Home Page > Business > Human Resources > Shoe Tea: Chinese Shoe Nearly 40 Million Ipo Financing

Shoe Tea: Chinese Shoe Nearly 40 Million Ipo Financing

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Posted: Sep 26, 2010 |Comments: 0



HC shoe net December 22, and leisure carefully prepared for you “afternoon dessert” to help you easily browse at home and abroad Shoes Dynamic, real-time quotes, analytical focus of trades, explore market trends. 3 pm every day with you Meet!

Mail Enterprise Hai wins 60th president of Merit brand character Brand China’s 2009 economic

People Presentation & Ninth Forum on Chinese brands at half past nine on the December 18 grand opening in Beijing. Double Star Group CEO Wang Hairong Ying “60th Merit brand character.” Vice Chairman of the Tenth National People’s Congress Gu, deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center of Hai Hou Yunchun president for the award winners. Wang Hai, president of China in the ninth Brand Forum published the “courage to fight for equality and rights and interests of Chinese enterprises,” the speech. [ Full text ]

Shoe Stock Market Chinese shoe Toronto IPO and fund-raising 37.4 million Canadian dollars

Production valued brand sports apparel and Casual shoes The Chinese manufacturers?? ZunguiHaixi Monday said the company in Canada, the Toronto Stock Exchange initial public offering (IPO), raising funds 3,740 million Canadian dollars (3,560 million). Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), CanaccordFinancial, GMPSecuritiesL. P. and Research Capital Corporation as the joint underwriters, for a total Sell 1,150 million. The company said in a statement, “plans to use the net proceeds of the listing to expand in China’s retail and distribution network, increase capacity, into Marketing Promotion, and working capital purposes. “[ Full text ]

Market dynamics November sales since the winter shoes are very active in commodities According to the China Business Information Center

monitoring information shows that in November the national 100 key enterprises of large retail retail sales 27.714 billion yuan, up 27.06 percent year on year, retail sales growth was slightly lower than in October, the second highest for the year. The temperature in November this year, lower than previous years and is fast and violent, making winter Clothing , Shoes, hats commodity sales activity. With Christmas, New Year and other holidays approaching, the brand will also introduce more promotional initiatives, product sales will continue higher. [ Full text ]

Dynamic Fujian Quanzhou brand shoe shoe Fair next year to enter the mall via the

Global concern of the World Expo will be held in Shanghai next year. Special support by the Ministry of Commerce, China Commerce Association’s “The 98th China Footwear Leather Shoppes of goods into the docking famous Expo Show, “will be as one of the activities during the World Expo held in Shanghai. Quanzhou field from the show press conference, the reporter learned that many of the Quanzhou shoe is actively preparing to participate in the show, in addition Expo exhibitors will be conducive to expanding the brand outside influence, this exhibition will also help Quanzhou shoe department store channel of access to domestic resources. [ Full text ]

Exposure frame Wenzhou shoe industry and commerce sampling rate of only 5 percent semi-qualified

12 8, from Wenzhou City Administration of Industry was informed before the Board on the major urban shopping malls, famous for their shoe, shoe stores and other circulation sales of shoes a special quality monitoring results show that compliance was only for 56% of many of the signs failed. Intime Department Store’s “Ernest” brand and “jumping fish”, “Joe-resistant,” so named by the brand failed. [ Full text ]

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