text marketing for real estate

text marketing for real estate

text marketing for real estate

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Home Page > Advertising > text marketing for real estate

text marketing for real estate

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Posted: Oct 14, 2010



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text marketing for real estate

By: Home Cell

About the Author

Owner operator of Home2Cell.com. Formerly a real estate agent in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1986.

(ArticlesBase SC #3471133)

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ – text marketing for real estate

Home2Cell listing service is the most inexpensive lead generation service on the Internet today that will deliver instant property details to all interested buyers while simultaneously providing you, the agent/seller, with the information to contact them instantly to answer any questions, or meet that buyer to show that property, or any other properties that might fit their criteria. There is only one word to describe what this can do for your sales… AMAZING!

Real Estate Text Message Marketing for mear pennies per listing.

ONLY .00 per month for Unlimited Listings* with Unlimited messages sent and received.

NEVER an upcharge for Home2Cell’s service.

We hope you find our service useful in growing your business. Please contact us if you have any questions. What we offer is Real Estate Text Message Marketing for pennies per listing. We think you will agree, that no one can beat our price or service.

MUST READ ARTICLE: SMS Preferred Mode of Communication on Mobile

We have separated the Agents site from the Buyers site intentionally to keep the buyer focused on your listing. See for yourself, just click on the “Buyers Search Page” button below. You can see the text message property results pages just as the buyer sees it. Try the demo… text: 4flyer to: 41411.

Why Use Home2Cell – Mobile Ad Statistics

* Mobile advertising predicted to be worth billion by 2010
* 90% of major brands plan to market on mobile phones
* Mobile ads have 5 times more response than other forms of marketing
* 23% of U.S. mobile subscribers have viewed mobile ads in the last 30 days
* 51% who saw a mobile ad responded with an SMS, a click, or a call
* Teens are most likely to recall seeing an ad (46% compared to 29% of mobile data users overall)

Check out the service. Decide for yourself how Home2Cell.com can increase your lead generation and assist you in selling more homes.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/advertising-articles/text-marketing-for-real-estate-3471133.html”

(ArticlesBase SC #3471133)

Home Cell -
About the Author:

Owner operator of Home2Cell.com. Formerly a real estate agent in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1986.


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Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/advertising-articles/text-marketing-for-real-estate-3471133.html

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text marketing

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