The 7 Step Blueprint-make Money With Blogs

The 7 Step Blueprint-make Money With Blogs

Today there are many people in the online business that have used blogging to earn a very good income by doing so. There are many articles and information on the web right now that have many theories on how to make money blogging and that can get very confusing. Here I would like to give you the 7 steps that I use that help me make money from my blogs everyday. These 7 Steps are as follows:

1. Create an account with clickbank. Clickbank is a commission site that has a database of affiliate products that you can sell to receive a commission from. Choose a product that you would like to promote.

2. Create a blogger account. Set up your blog so that readers can view your content good. I tend to use the minima lay out as I feel that those blogs can make the best sales.

3. Create an Ad. Create an ad for the product that you are promoting. Get a cool picture that you can use and host it through a site that you can embed a URL into it. After you get the html code then place that banner ad at the top of your blog.

4. Keyword research. It is essential that you do keyword research because you need to know what keywords are being searched for in the search engines the most. Choose a common keyword to start with that is relevant to your niche and then search with that word.

5. Start posing in your blog with the keywords that you have just researched. You should post in your blog at least 3 times a week because this will let the search engines know that it will be updated regularly.

6. Ping your blog. You should always ping your blog whenever there is a change or update made to your blog. This also helps with the search engines to spider your pages.

7. Traffic generation. This is crucial if you want people to know that you have a blog open for business. Get the word out there about your blog by using some free traffic techniques like writing articles, social bookmarking and many more.

So, I have given you my 7 step blueprint on what I follow to make money from blogging. These steps haven’t failed me to this day and hopefully it can bring changes to your blog as well.

For more information, you can check out: Blogging to the bank.

If you are wondering what Blogging to the bank is, it has said to be a 7 step blogging for profits blueprint.

Make Money Blogging

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