The Five Rules of Mobile Marketing

The Five Rules of Mobile Marketing

The Five Rules of Mobile Marketing

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Home Page > Marketing > Marketing Tips > The Five Rules of Mobile Marketing

The Five Rules of Mobile Marketing

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Posted: Dec 21, 2010 |Comments: 0


Why Text message marketing must contain these 5 rules

Text message marketing through a consumer cell phone is founded on the “concept of choice”. This form of marketing is every business owners dream. Until SMS this type of consumer instant interaction was almost impossible.

The “concept of choice” means that your customer is proactive in their decision to receive your promotions. They have to opt-in to your program. They do this because they want to receive your promotions.

In light of the fact that 90% of text messages are read and 95% of text messages are read in the first 4 – 6 minutes of receipt. You are virtually assured that your message will be read and decoded as a “Consistent with Expectation” message.

Mobile marketing through text messages is about creating long term consumer relationships. Relationships that provide value for your customer.

The 5 rules of Mobile Marketing

1) Promote your call to action

Every advertising venue you pursue must contain a call to action. You may have the best offers for your mobile subscribers to subscribe to. But if you don’t promote them through your call to action for your mobile campaigns no one will know about them. Your call to action must be on

all your promotional material. Twitter, table tent cards, direct mail, news paper ads, facebook and every employee hawking your latest mobile marketing efforts to every customer. Etc…

2) When they sign up – Reward Them

People love to be rewarded just ask someone who has lost a dog. A cell phone number is the most sacred thing second only to a Social Security Number. Sometimes all it takes is a small reward via a bounce back message with an instant coupon to convince someone to become a new subscriber. If your a coffee shop you might use ” Text VipCoffee to 68039″ to join our vip mobile list and receive an instant coupon. The skies the limit. Rewarding them for opting in will increase your opt-in rate.

3) Don’t send messages every day

You will maintain Mobile Marketings best practices and have a higher redemption rate if you don’t text message your customers every day. Text messages should only be sent once a week less if possible. More then once a week and you need to have a very good reason. You want to create an atmosphere of anticipation. One where you customers know that if they don’t respond to your message they might miss a great deal. And also that another great deal wont be arriving anytime soon. Make your messages time relevant. Come in by 3:00pm today and get! Create urgency about redemption.

4) Make you Opt-ins feel special

Be sure to send great offers to your opt-ins. Offers only they can receive because they are VIP opt-in members. Reward them for taking the time to opt-in to your program. Offers only available via their cell phone. Do it this way and watch your opt-ins and redemptions grow through the roof.

5) Let your customers spread the word

Be sure to include at the end of every message “FWD to a Friend” People love to share a great deal they have found.

Follow these 5 rules and watch your mobile marketing ROI soar and your mobile database grow. Todays marketing needs to follow a multi channel marketing approach. Mobile marketing allows you to position yourself with a USP “Unique Selling Proposition” a unique and growing way to connect to your customers through cell phones as well as social networks.

When using mobile marketing it is vital to respect a wireless subscriber’s right to privacy. Always gain permission from the people you plan to engage by employing an opt-in procedure. Always have a clear explanation of your marketing intent.”If you are going to text them, tell them etc..”

In the use of ANY text advertising campaign, a clear and concise disclaimer must be used to inform the customer that they are joining a multi-channel communication network and by opting-in they are going to receive text messages from you. But only messages “consistent with expectation” No Spam or marginally relevant text, email, etc…. Gaining permission saves money. Each message sent costs money, so ensuring the customer wants to receive messages avoids any waste of your marketing budget.

Following these simple guidelines ensures a long and prosperous future for mobile marketing. Be sure to read Mobile Marketings “Mobile Marketings Best Practices”.

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Adrain Clayton -
About the Author:

Mobile For Marketing is dedicated to providing information about Mobile Marketing and its impact on the local advertising market. After being in the newspaper advertising business for 12 years and selling almost every form of advertising, I know that the two most important advertising hurdles to over come are:


I believe that mobile marketing overcomes both these hurdles at the same time and provides “Consistent with Expectation” messaging. Through the use of multi-channel marketing and communication local businesses can achieve marketing goals consistent with a cost effective program.

The use of Text marketing is a cost effective and laser targeted message delivery system that is opt-in and permission based. Giving the marketer the opportunity to communicate with customers on both a one-to-one and immediate basis.

Visit Mobile For Marketing and see how Mobile Marketing can provide marketing results for your business .


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