The Principles of Mobile Marketing in Dubai

The Principles of Mobile Marketing in Dubai

The Principles of Mobile Marketing in Dubai

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Home Page > Marketing > Marketing Tips > The Principles of Mobile Marketing in Dubai

The Principles of Mobile Marketing in Dubai

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Posted: Dec 03, 2010 |Comments: 0



In today’s hectic work schedule and busy life, marketing companies are regularly coming up with new ways to reach their customers. Since people are now on go most of the time, one way is to keep in touch with them is through mobile marketing. It has emerged as the most efficient way of making a significant impact on a large number of people economically.

What is Mobile Marketing? Mobile marketing can be defined as a process in which marketers or companies make the use of mobile phone as a medium to reach the potential consumers effectively. The primary aim of any mobile marketing campaign is to make the people aware of the company’s products and service right on their mobile phones. In simple words, the marketing technique has taken a new vehicle – mobile phone to reach consumers.

Generally, the first process of mobile marketing and bluetooth advertising is still being mastered, even by its lords Especially since advertising with the use of mobile phones can verge into the creepy and extremely annoying if not accomplished properly, it can be more disastrous than a powerful way of making sales.

The bluetooth mobile marketing can be carried out in various forms by delivering the content in different forms including animated images, still images, vCal (Calendar Event Files), audio files, or video content etc. Apart from this, SMS marketing can do wonder but only if you know how to do it properly. With the latest advancements in technology, mobile phones contain numerous features, a marketer can choose from using simple texts to full fledged multimedia messages to make sales pitch to their prospective clients.

So, if you’re planning to launch an advertising campaign in Dubai, then check all the possible options carefully and choose the correct medium to reach your customers quickly and effectively. is an innovative mobile marketing service offered by Image Matters Advertising.

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Salman Salim -
About the Author:

This is webmaster for is an innovative mobile marketing service offered by Image Matters Advertising.bluetooth marketing


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I wish to call india from dubai through mobile, pls suggest the cheapest mode of calling?
Which is the Best Touch Screen Mobile in Current MArket having Good Camera and Music Feature Budget 150-250 USD
How is marketing different from advertising?

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