Three Types Of Search Engine Marketing And Four Tips On SEO

Three Types Of Search Engine Marketing And Four Tips On SEO

Three Types Of Search Engine Marketing And Four Tips On SEO

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Home Page > Internet > SEM > Three Types Of Search Engine Marketing And Four Tips On SEO

Three Types Of Search Engine Marketing And Four Tips On SEO

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Posted: Sep 16, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet marketing that helps to increase your site’s visibility in a search engine result pages. This is a modern marketing strategy, with the help of which, you can advertise your product globally. This article deals with different types of Search Engine Marketing strategies with special emphasis on Search Engine Optimization.

Types of Search Engine Marketing:

One of the most popular types of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Other popular types of SEM are search engine advertising and paid submission.

• Search engine advertising: It usually follows a PFP model wherein you pay in order to ensure a top rank in the results of a search engine, both on the search site along with its distribution network. A successful PFP advertising campaign depends on 5 factors, namely, bid price, keyword selection, ad distribution, ad copy and effective landing pages.

• Paid submission: In a paid submission Search Engine Marketing program, web site owners pay an amount to have their specific websites reviewed by editors. However, there is no guarantee that the site will be accepted into a directory. It applies typically to human-based search engines, which are referred to as directories. A successful directory campaign depends on the title, description and the category selection.

Tips for Search Engine Optimization:

SEO, a popular type of Search Engine Marketing, is a set of techniques, which help to optimize a specific webpage. The primary aim of Search Engine Optimization is to rank a website in popular search engines (such as, Google, Yahoo, etc.). Here are few tips that will help you to rank your webpage high in popular search engines.

1. Create a sitemap: You should create a sitemap as it helps a search engine to understand your website’s architecture as it is difficult to access then from backlinks. A sitemap can be defines as a hierarchical arrangement of web pages that are available in your website.

2. Produce high quality content: It is one of the prerequisites to rank your page high in popular search engines. The content, posts and article need to be of high quality. It is advisable that put informative article that help a visitor to know about your product category. It is better to keep the length of content short and to the point.

3. Maintain keyword density: Keyword density is an important aspect in site optimization. You should always keep the density wityhin4-6%; search engines may label it as spam if the density exceeds 10%. Therefore, always check keyword density before uploading a particular webpage.

4. Include internal links: Link your home page with all the pages in your website. Include suitable internal links on all the webpages; it will increase the number of links to each of the webpages and it will also make it easier for a search engine to find all the pages in your website.

Apart from doing it yourself, you may hire an experienced Search Engine Marketing company in order to market your website. It will help your website to rank high in popular search engines.

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John Smith -
About the Author:

This is John Smith. I have been working as a contributing author on various topics like arts and culture, technology, search engine marketing, business and finance, education, entertainment, Internet, sports and leisure for about two years.


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