Why should you market your local business online?

Why should you market your local business online?

Hello, my name is Todd Bialaszewski and I am the founder of TractLeads, a Buffalo, NY based online marketing company. I am here to inform you of the benefits that online advertising can bring to a local company, not just in Buffalo, NY, but anywhere around the globe.

For those of you that are not familiar with online marketing, it is the fastest growing form of advertising around. The Internet is growing on a daily basis, and consumers are going there looking for products and services. Consumers feel comfortable sitting in their home browsing the Internet. They can look at whatever they want (some take that statement to the next level), whenever they want. With the Internet consumers don’t have to deal with pushy sales reps. They can sit in their pajamas and look for the contractor they want to hire, the car they want to buy, or the lingerie for their wife on Valentines Day.

If you have a website how are you marketing it? And if you don’t, why are you even in business? Building a website and marketing it online can prove to be the best return on investment that you receive from any advertising medium around. The Internet is completely track able. Through websites and search engine marketing, such as pay per click (abbreviated PPC, that’s a topic for another day), you can see who found your website, what keyword they used to find you, what page of your website they spend the most time on, which page of your website they left on, and so much more.

Now the question is, do you know what to do with this information? By analyzing and manipulating the data you can continuously increase your return on investment by targeting the best keywords and driving people to a page on your site that converts well. What else can you do with the data? Stay tuned.

My name is Todd Bialaszewski and I am the founder of TractLeads, a online marketing company located in Buffalo, NY. If you are looking for new customers, please check out my website to see if we can help you.

TRACTLEADS specializes in online marketing and web design in Western New York.  Contact us today for your initial consultation


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