Why Use Mobile Marketing to Help Your Business?

Why Use Mobile Marketing to Help Your Business?

Mobile marketing, or marketing to mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smart phones, iTouch etc. makes a LOT of sense. Unfortunately, it isn’t utilized as often as it could be for small and medium-sized business. It seems there is a misconception that mobile marketing is not affordable, or is out of the reach of some business owners.

As a society, more and more, we live our lives on our mobile phones. We check our email, Facebook, Myspace. We text loved ones with minutiae that we don’t have the time to talk about. We can also market businesses, though many of us seem to overlook that possibility.

There are twice as many cell phones than televisions in use right now. These numbers are steadily climbing, making it a severe oversight not to include mobile marketing in any marketing campaign. The potential for growth through mobile marketing is staggering.

Is Mobile Marketing Affordable?

Competition among mobile service providers is skyrocketing. As the economy hit it’s slump, providers started dropping their prices, vying for new client contracts. As such, most people have free or unlimited texting plans, whereas before, many people paid their providers for each text sent and each text recieved. This makes SMS, or text message, marketing a much more viable option than it was before. There are now plenty of companies that you can sign up with to implement your text message marketing campaign for you at an affordable rate.

Some of the better companies even offer a free trial to test their service out with. 
MMS, or multi-media messaging(think picture messages), is also a viable option. You can send your potential clients pictures of a new product, or of someone enjoying your service. You can even send coupons in this way.
You can also send a variety of media marketing to people via their bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth is most often used for sending information between a person’s own devices, such as from the handset of a mobile phone to a headset or computer, but it can also be used to transfer information between users. Sending or recieving Bluetooth messages is virtually free, the only investment required is a one time purchase of some software and/or equipment, which can also be found at a great price.

The most important thing to remember about bluetooth is that its range is limited. You can only reach mobile phone users within about a 200 ft. radius, depending on the equipment. That being said, you can target everyone that walks by your business, as long as they accept the connection. Many will, they will be curious.

Just make sure, in your mobile marketing campaign, as you do any marketing, that you make your potential clients an offer they cannot refuse. Keep them happy and they will come back for more.

Jamie Knuth-Griffin started off a freelance ghost-writer and learned so much doing it, that she started her own SEO and copywriting business, Griffin Information Solutions, Inc. She loves writing, and is happy to have it be part of her career. She recently discovered a new area she seeks to excel at, mobile marketing. Please feel free to contact her with any comments, questions or feedback.

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